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Making home ownership possible

Creating possibilities for housing is core to our mission, and this includes helping homeowners. We offer affordable or no-cost programs for folks to explore first-time homeownership, learn about community land trust homes, and help those facing foreclosure find the answers they need. Through these programs, prospective and current homeowners are supplied with information from a trusted source, and that’s just the boost people need to make sense of complex circumstances.

We’re all about collaboration. Our clients work with us to set goals and understand the best way to move ahead to find successful outcomes.


2023 Households who Participated in Counseling that Avoided Foreclosure


Homebuyer Program Participants that Purchased a Home in 2022 & 2023

One of a Kind Program

Client Story

"I grew up in Shakopee, actually down the street from my fiance, Anna. Like many people after college, we wanted to buy our own place. With just getting started in our careers, we didn’t have enough money saved and had been focusing on our student loan debt. We never thought we would be able to afford a place of our own! We had good consistent income but lacked the ability to put down a down payment to get a house payment comfortable for us. We went through the class, and even though I work in the mortgage industry, I learned so much. And it helped us understand the process, each step of the way."

Finding Solutions

Client Story

“I had a heart attack last year and couldn’t work or pay my mortgage for a few months. I asked a company to help me, but it turned out to be a scam. I then contacted the CDA and they helped me with the lender and referred me to the MN Attorney General to address the scam. In just 45 days, my lender approved a workout option. I am now current on  my mortgage and can afford to remain in my home even on my fixed income!” ~2018 CDA participant

Dreams become Reality

Client Story

Val, her husband, and four children live in Savage. With an annual income of $18,000, she was curious about how to increase their earnings while still allowing her husband and herself to have flexible schedules to be able to provide childcare. During her participation in the Self Sufficiency program, she has been able to set goals that have turned into reality. She's gotten her GED and increased their income to over $56,000 a year: Total game changer for their family's ability to prosper. And the next goal? Start her own business. With the escrow funds from her participation in the program, she's got $13,000 to invest in her dream.

Is homeownership right for you?

You May Qualify For a Grant

Participants in our homebuyer programs work on household budgets, how to navigate the steps of a mortgage, and setting goals to transform the dream into reality. Where ever you are in the path to homeownership, we have services to lend a helping hand, and you'll qualify for a grant you can use for your down payment or against your closing costs.

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