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The Center for Entrepreneurship is where growth begins

With great schools and a blend of small-town charm and big-city opportunities, it’s easy to see why Scott County is growing so quickly. Businesses of all sizes have recognized this, making us home to their companies and expanding their existing workforces, right here at home.

Known as the Center for Entrepreneurship, our economic development team provides programs and consulting services to those that seek to establish or grow their business in our county. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we’ll help you find it — right here in Scott County.


Scott County Labor Force Estimate
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2012-2018 New Jobs
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Scott County Unemployment Rate
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2019 New Business Filings
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Business Incentives & Programs

Our team can help you find capital and resources that can take your business to the next level by unlocking local, state, and federal support such as grants, tax incentives, workforce development, and retention programs, as well as assistance to develop streets and roads or other infrastructure needs. Start your search by clicking below to view a list of programs.

Scott County Major Employers

Scott County has a blend of everything from start-up and locally-owned businesses as well as Fortune 500 employers, such as Amazon and Shutterfly. With diverse industries such as health care, gaming and entertainment, and retail fulfillment, we got it all.
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Available Land & Development Opportunities

Our cities have a number of development and redevelopment opportunities throughout our county. Many of these cities have prioritized land and space that will help Scott County communities, providing a catalyst for growth and creating jobs for our citizens.
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Working Together

Master Technology Group, Inc

Although MTG grew quickly during its first 10 years, revenue growth became less dramatic. “We were still growing, but not at the same pace,” company president Ryan Blundell explains. “And because we had gotten so big, so fast, the complexities of the business became more difficult to manage. Economic Gardening is a fantastic vehicle for helping companies who are in growth mode,” Blundell says. “It’s one of the best models I’ve seen to stimulate job creation. The forums, roundtables and research team all work together.”