Frequently Asked Questions

Included in the download at the bottom of the page is a packet of documents that you’ll need to review and sign, and then provide to the CDA, including:

  • Application and Intake Form
  • Authorization of Release Information form
  • Privacy Act Notice and Tennessen Warning (signed)
  • Housing Counseling Program Disclosure (signed)
  • Completed Hardship Letter to your lender
  • Homeownership Advisory-Client Agreement (signed)
  • Two most recent, consecutive months of bank statements for all accounts (all pages)
  • Mortgage statement/letters from your lender(s) and foreclosure attorney (if applicable)
  • Recent utility bill(s)

Proof of household income for all members should include:

  • Last 30 days proof of household income (paystubs, benefit statements)
  • Benefit statement/letter if you receive social security, disability, pension, and/or unemployment
  • If self-employed, profit and loss statement for the most recent quarter
  • Most recent tax returns with all schedules
  • Lease agreement if you received rental income
  • Divorce decree if you receive child support and/or spousal support

For some clients, the initial action plan and periodic check-ins are all that is needed to resolve the issue. For others, in-depth counseling is required. The counselor will work with you to discuss a timeframe and schedule follow-up appointments as necessary.