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7 Minute Security is an information security consulting company focused on risk assessments, penetration testing and training. 7MS also produces a free weekly podcast focused on helping people lead more secure lives.

Brian Johnson
Owner/Security Engineer
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Accelerated Care Solutions was established to provide solutions to workforce shortages in Home Care, Senior Housing, or LTC.
Capacity for growth is at an all-time low due to licensed and non-licensed labor shortages in the Senior Care Industry. ACS partners with senior communities to implement new innovative processes, workflows, and staffing solutions. They will work with your organization to take on strategic clinical and administrative tasks, freeing your clinical team’s time to mentor and oversee see staff, while providing the best possible care for your residents and their families.
ACS innovative services can be delivered individually or in tandem to provide the specific support and resources your community needs.
• Revenue Cycle Management
• Resident Move-in Coordination
• Nurse Triage
• Senior Housing Transition Program
• Home Care


Mike & Lori McGuire
Co-Founders, CEO & COO
(952) 314-5176

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IntelligentRX is a health care savings innovation company with a mission to increase access to affordable health care to everyone. “The smart way to save on prescription medications”.

Thomas Kosgei
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IT Audit Labs is an expert at assessing security risk and compliance, while providing administrative and technical controls to improve our clients’ data security. Our threat assessments find the soft spots before the bad guys do, identifying likelihood and impact, while our security control assessment rank the level of maturity relative to the size of your organization. Whether you’re looking for a point solution or a broader security program, IT Audit Labs can suggest or implement changes to reduce organizational risk.

Eric Brown
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Edgesight Labs is a research company that offers ideas and experiments for measuring the physical world. Our work is a blend of myth busting experiments, remote sensing devices and machine learning algorithms. We specialize in the application of IoT sensors, Edge computing and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for measuring physical processes and identifying patterns that answer business questions.

Virtual Business Partners

Written Hugs Designs is a Greeting/Specialty Card company that adopts a distinctive approach to creating heartfelt condolence cards, designed to provide genuine comfort. These cards aim to help individuals express their support and make recipients feel acknowledged, connected, and less isolated during times of grief. For each card purchased, Written Hugs Designs generously donates a card to the Brighter Days Family Grief Center, contributing to emotional support for those in need. You can discover these cards at HomeGoods stores across the United States

Anarus set out to revolutionize data storage, creating a cloud-based system for storing simple, yet organized data fields. Built from the ground up for cloud information exchange and digital commerce.
The Anarus platform provides a cloud-based data repository and retrieval system for B2B and B2C enterprises using our innovative globally-distributed, multi-model, non-SQL database service at planet-scale.

Prashubh Batham

Founder & Owner


BabyKnow Online video & virtual programing focused on infant growth and development. BabyKnow provides new parents with a holistic approach to their child’s development, including information, tools, and strategies to create strong parent-child relationships, incorporating developmental milestones and nurturing emotional well-being for all family members. BabyKnow programing incorporates lessons from trained early childhood parent educators as well as a licensed occupational therapist and speech-language pathologist to provide parents with best practices to use with their babies.

Candi Seil & Wendy Walz


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New Prague Counseling  is an experienced collection of licensed clinical therapists providing compassionate, non-judgmental care to individuals in rural communities who are struggling with mental health. Specializing in grief, loss, trauma, depression and anxiety, our goal is to provide personalized treatment plans that meet the unique needs of each client and assure that quality mental health services are accessible to all members of our community. Our team takes pride in building relationships that are centered around honest communication and complete confidentiality.

Karen Jensen, MSW, LICSW – Owner & Psychotherapist

Todd Jensen, Operations Manager

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Onix Painting is a bilingual (Spanish and English) house painting company in Shakopee, Minnesota. Family-owned and operated business that offers interior and exterior painting services for residential and commercial properties. We value integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction, and we aim to exceed your expectations and make you smile after every project. We have over 5 years of experience in the painting industry, and we offer competitive and affordable prices.

UzObi’s has developed a proprietary Medical BLUEPRINT tool, which empowers patients by connecting their voices to healthcare decisions. This tool collects essential patient preferences and concerns, fostering improved communication with healthcare providers. Addressing the top patient complaint of feeling “ignored,” this tool ensures patient-centered and culturally sensitive healthcare solutions. It contributes to overall outcomes that align with patients’ desires and needs.


Steelhead Outdoors is an innovative modular safe and custom vault door company. Creating unique solutions to keep your valuables safe. Designed and manufactured in Scott County using the highest quality materials to create beautiful, one of a kind products that will last for generations.

Charlie Pehrson and Corey Meyer
Founders and Owners
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Tech Fixers LLC assists individuals, families, small businesses and other organizations with their everyday electronics repair needs.  Devices serviced include Computers, Tablets, Phones (both smart and otherwise) and other devices such as game consoles, tools, circuit boards on a case by case basis.  Services include Screen replacements, battery replacements, hard drive replacements, repair to the outer shell, housing or glass back.  We also repair computers (Laptops and desktops). We do repairs, upgrades and performance tuning.

Tech Forge (currently part of Tech Fixers) is our most recent endeavor that is currently designing and manufacturing parts such as housings for mobile technology devices to make the devices more rugged, stylish and enhance their capabilities.

Dustin Siemers
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Ugowear is the creator of the most reliable dry bag on the planet! Have you or anyone you know ever lost or damaged your electronics while enjoying outdoor activities? Well you’re not alone as 82 million phones suffer water damage each and every year. The solution is ugo™ the first 100% waterproof dry pack for your electronics​ and it is unlike anything else on the market today! Perfect for an active lifestyle, the ugo™ lineup of products allows you to use your gear in and around the water: talk, text, take selfies, and shoot video in and even under the water. This hybrid case and dry bag not only looks good, it is built to last. Use your ugo™ for more than just your electronics. There is plenty of room for your phone, tablet, computer, keys, credit cards, cash, medications, and passport. Plus, it floats!

Vicky DeRouchy & Melanie Cole
Inventors and Co-founders
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Past Members/Graduates!

Chefs Crest is an online marketplace for artisan home bakers. Our platform makes it easier to find and order unique baked creations made by your local home baker.

Please visit our website for more info.  “About Us” Page at:

Matthew Folefac
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Digital Cash Processing, Inc., (DCP) previously known as Innovative Computer Professionals Inc. (ICP), is a FinTech corporation providing custom software and database development, engineering, and technical project management services. ICP was founded in 1996 by Mr. Richard Beer our current President. ICP developed its own proprietary credit card issuance and acquiring, Point of Sale, ATM software processing platform with the OmniCommerce® Brand which was first installed at a Financial Institution customer in 2000 and is now being used in 17 Countries and with multiple languages and currencies. ICP’s customers process over $50 Billion annually on an estimated 220 Million domestic and international transactions, on ATM & POS software that ICP has developed and supports specific to the Banking and Casino Gaming Industries. ICP Inc.’s mission is to design, develop, and deliver innovative technology solutions through a commitment to integrity, service and quality to its customers while providing a safe, enjoyable, creative environment for its employees.

Headquarters: Prior Lake, Minnesota

iWMS Global is a global supply chain software company with offices in the Americas, New Zealand, South Africa and India. While it has a global footprint, its focus is local.

iWMS is focused on meeting client requirements by understanding each client’s business needs, choosing appropriate solutions and quality assurances and matching products to those needs during the consulting phase of each new project.

The most successful organizations are finding ways to drive cost out of their supply chains while attaining perfect order execution and offering superior customer service. iWMS is uniquely positioned to support your company in making these changes by offering proven, industry-leading solutions from HighJump Software and testing from iWMS Quality Assurance.

Srinivasan Prasanna
Managing Director
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