Meet Vice Chair and Commissioner of District V, Barry Stock

How long have you been on the board?

I have been on the Board since 2018.  During that time I have served as Vice Chair, Finance Committee member, and now am on the Administrative/Personnel Committee.

What is your favorite part of being on the board?

Being involved in supporting and developing programs that work to enhance the quality of life for residents in Scott County.

What is something about the CDA;s work you are proud to support? 

I am proud of all the programs and services we offer.  They span a broad spectrum from not only providing housing programs and services to people of all ages but also programs that support both redevelopment and new development opportunities for all businesses of all sizes which encourage job growth and an enhanced tax base.

What is something about the CDA’s work that the public may not be aware we do? 

I don’t believe most residents are aware of the housing opportunities offered by the Agency or the number of senior housing facilities that we manage.  We have 55+ buildings in Savage (2) , Shakopee (3) , New Prague (1), Elko New Market (1), and Jordan (2).  We also provide economic development support for all local government jurisdictions in Scott County.

Where do you work/volunteer, etc., 

Retired but still an active member of the Savage Rotary Club and board member of the Dan Patch Historical Society and the Scott County CDA.

Any person information you want to share?

Lifetime Scott County resident and former Savage City Administrator with previous administrative work experience in the City of Savage.  Have served on many community service boards and committees over the last 40+ years.  Now an avid pickleball player and happy retiree.

The CDA Commissioners are appointed by Scott County Commissioners by District.  District V consists of the citiy of Savage.