COVID-19/Corona Virus Update

FLATTENING THE CURVE–as Health Organizations, State/Local governments, schools, and businesses are working to make decisions to keep our community as safe as possible we, too, strive to find the right balance of doing our work while also taking the health of our staff, clients/residents, and the public, seriously. Below are some of the steps we are taking to slow the spread of COVID-19:

    • The CDA office is restricting access to essential business functions.
    • We will conduct business as much as possible by telephone, email, or the CDA website.
    • We are requesting that anyone who is sick or may have been exposed to the virus—both clients and staff—stay home.
    • Measures will be taken to inform and provide clean (or closed) common areas for our resident communities.
    • If you are not sure if you need to talk to someone in-person, please call or email first to see if your question or issue can be resolved over the phone.
    • If you need to drop off anything—please do so by putting it in the drop box by the front door of the office.
    • All non-essential meetings and events are canceled.
    • We will strive to maintain a high level of service, while also taking into account the needs of our staff who may need a flexible schedule.
    • We will continue to monitor the situation and keep our pages updated with any new information.

For more on how to protect yourself and others, go to: Center for Disease Control or Minnesota Department of Health