Community Land Trust buyers!



Meet Mikayla and Ian:

What made you think about becoming a homeowner?

We have been saving and preparing to own a home since we got married six years ago!

Our desire was for our money to be going into something of value, and when we had

our first child two and half years ago, our desire also became to find a place to raise a

family and to find a good community for our kids to grow up in. We wanted a place that

was our own, that our kids would know, and that could create a sense of stability for our

growing family.

Why did you choose to become a Community Land Trust homeowner?

We’ve had aspirations of purchasing a home for years, but have found the open market

to be difficult for our family to make it work. We were excited to find that the community

land trust made home buying affordable for our family and that we would be able to

purchase a long-lasting home. Their homes are well made and kept, as well as

affordable. Throughout the process, the land trust has been helpful throughout every

step for us as first-time home buyers. Without the help and support of the land trust

program, we don’t know if we could have bought a house at this point!

What would you tell other people thinking about Community Land Trust


YES! Everything about the community land trust program has been terrific as first-time

homebuyers. Not only are the homes affordable, but the support and education given

throughout the process is immensely valuable. Our confidence in this homebuying

purchase is great because of the help and support of the land trust. We cannot give

enough thanks!

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