Educational Scholarship Awards

This year, we had two great students that were awarded scholarships for their educational career.  Here is a little about each of them!

Sumaya Sahal is attending Metropolitan State University with a major in social work. Sumaya has been a part of the Academy for Young Leaders for the past five years. This program helps young Somali students invest in their futures by providing college prep programs, ACT prep, tutoring, and more. She has also worked at the Amoud Center, providing culturally responsive therapeutic support to children and families affected by autism spectrum disorders in the Minneapolis area.

Sumaya’s reference states that “Sumaya has planned various events and fundraisers and has discussion forums with with students to promote respect and encourage tolerance and acceptace.”

Radwan Abdalla will be attending the University of Minnesota with a major in engineering. He is a recent graduate from Shakopee High School where he enrolled in the Shakopee High School Engineering and Manufacturing CAPS Program. Radwan also was an intern for the Scott County Highway Department. There, he created a report analyzing and evaluating a certain intersection safety design. Scott County Highway Department is on track to implement the changes that he suggested.

Radwan’s reference stated “Radwan has been a leader in our classes and school since he came into my classes.  He has set a high standard of rigorous academic achievement by being one of the top students at all levels”