Meet the newest Community Land Trust homeowner!

Hello, My name is Rebecca.  My mom and three kids will live with me in this great new home.  I work as a finance manager at a local Shakopee business.

I am so grateful for the opportunity the land trust has given me.

I started looking for a home in the surrounding area and had high hopes that were quickly squashed when I was unable to find any affordable for sale housing.

I was surprised and excited when I saw the listing for this home.  I learned more about the program and I knew it was perfect for my situation.  I want to give my children every chance to grow and thrive in their environment.  We will be moving just in time for the school year.  I think a new house and the stability this provides our family is amazing.

I have hope for a stable, prosperous, loving home that will be filled with great memories for years to come.  Its hard enough being a single mom, but this will give me the foot up in life that I though was only a dream.

If you would like to know more about the Community Land Trust program, go here: